ACT "Ouch Pouch" Micro Kit

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Finally! We've made the our famous "Ouch Pouch" available as an individual, purchasable item as well as an essential upgrade to our customizer. A standard item in several kits, its utility in several areas, activities, and destinations make it essential part of any kit...perfect for family outdoor activities, car dashes, consoles, hunting and fishing rigs, as well as EDC! And the kicker is you get an Active Carry PVC patch included! ($6 value)

All first aid content bundled in U-Line "Ziploc-style" plastic pouch 

ACT PVC logo patch


8x Adhesive 1"x3" adhesive bandages (band-aids)

2x alcohol wipes

2x benzo antiseptic wipes

1x Ammonia wipe/inhalant (smelling salt)

1x Medicaine .6ml swab/ampule sting and bite relief

1x Derma-Safe safety razor

1x steel 3" tweezers (non-sterile) 

1x Advil ibuprophen pack (200 milligrams, 2 tablets)

1x Benadryl Allergy antihistamine pack (50 milligrams, 2 tablets)

2x Safetec .5g triple antibiotic ointment (Neosporin)

2x Safetec .5g hydrocortisone cream

2x Safetec .9g burn gel topical 

2x Medique ant-acid tablets (Pepto)