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Finally! A compact emergency responder kit that covers.it.all! We combined fire and SWAT cross training needs into one! EMS, Firefighters, Law Enforcement are being croos-trained in emergency medical applications... now! Responders now more than ever are being thrust into even more challenging situations daily...a kit like this for multiple casualties that can be carried on a belt, plate carrier/chest rig, or pack with these contents is ground-breaking! What's even better, this level of responder tools now comes available to you! It's like having the ultimate answer to chaos! The contents speak for themselves!

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 Platforms-Outdoor enthusiastSecurity detail, Urban unrest, EMS/EMT Professional Medic/ ER physician, Search and Rescue Personnel, Active/Retired Military


1x 600D pouch 9x4x3 w/ACT PVC patch

1x H&H 4x7.5 in. Combat Dressing/compression bandage

1 H&H 8x10in. Combat AB pad compression bandage

2x Quikclot 3"x4ft hemostatic gauze rolls

2x RE nitrile gloves

1x Bound Tree Z-Pak 4x4 wound packing gauze

1x SWAT-T tourniquet 

1x Carabiner EMT shears 

1 Active Carry "Ouch Pouch"

1x Rusch NPH 28fr

1x Sal-Jet 1oz. saline wash

1x Halo Chest Seal Twin-pack 

1x roll med tape

1 Sharpie fine point blk

 Dimensions 8"x4"x4"


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