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"As a Veteran and Instructor, I trust no other IFAK company with my life, I carry the Tundra IFAK on my personal kit through every training and every class.

-Corey "Chief" Botelho @triforce_chief

BOOM! The finest, minimal, tactical carry is here...The Active Carry Tundra! A pure "dump" style pouch for those on the move. Built for speed and rendition in a "run and gun" setting. This a "pure pouch",  w/out internal separations or frills. Quality Cordura material "cinched" together with a pull-cable to release the opening for immediate access and response. Molle compatible straps for secure attachement. This no joke for those running a plate carrier or a "battle-belt" set-up. Get it here, the choice is clear. Choose your options!

1x Krydex Cordura pouch 9" x 5.5" (expands)


1x C-A-T® tourniquet 

1x Emergency bandage

1x Pair of trauma shears, 7.5in

2x Rolls of compressed gauze dressing

1x Emergency blanket

1x Saljet 1oz saline bullet

2x latex free gloves (lg)

Quikclot EMS option: 

With QuikClot® products, EMS personnel have the power to stop bleeding fast, keeping patients alive until they can be transported to the hospital or a trauma center.

QuikClot® products are safe, containing no animal or human proteins, and are easy to use.

Dimensions: One Gauze Strip: 3" x 48" (7.6cm x 1.22m)