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Medium brown Richardson "Trucker" lid, genuine leather logo patch! Great for working outdoors, kicking back and representing a brand you believe in! Hats designed and developed by Active Carry and Little River Customs. One size fits most, snap-back fit.

Design and care details:

The primary hat used is the Richardson 112 snapback. This hat is the main staple of the Richardson brand, and offers the widest range of colors. The hats are well built and will withstand just about anything you can throw at them. Each patch is made of 100% genuine leather. Each piece of leather is inspected prior to being turned into a patch. We reject about 20% of the leather purchased due to flaws in the leather. Such as stretch marks, brands, and scratches. After the leather has been inspected it is then dyed and sealed. Each patch is water resistant. It is not recommended to wash your hat in a washing machine or submerge your hat. Dry cleaning is the preferred method to clean your hat. This is due to the porous nature of the leather. Even with the patches being sealed it is possible for water to damage/discolor the leather. The Sun will also slightly darken the leather. No amount of sealer will prevent this. Leathers that are dyed will not darken as much or as fast. Each patch is placed on the hat by hand using a transparent double-sided heat activated adhesive. We spent months of trial and error and many phone calls to find the perfect adhesive for these patches. After months of trying multiple adhesives we finally found the one that works. Once the adhesive is fully cured it creates a permanent bond between the leather and the hat. I personally wear mine every day. It has defiantly stood up to the sweat and punishment, I have put it through here.