Active Carry Technologies was developed for EVERYONE. After several years of designing kits with state and federal agencies, we saw an opportunity to cover a couple of concepts that were being ignored.

The first idea was was that EVERYONE is capable of being a responder. We wanted to combine contents that were immediately effective, intuitive, and easy to use. Being under pressure is difficult enough, so making things accessible and easily applied was priority one. We achieved this with every build. The contents are easy to find and components are organized in a "first on scene" manner. Even some of the slightly more advanced items are placed in a logical progression and easy to reprioritize depending on your activity and judgement. We bundle as much utility as we can while staying true to the next idea...

Second is a trickle down concept that is critical in multiple theatres: "Weight and Real Esate".  It's a military and tactical concept we find with those traveling extended distances through difficult terrain, facing a variety of challenges "in the field". Volume, weight inside a bag or attached to a utilty vest are critical factors. Our thought was to apply this concept to every commuter, outdoor enthusiast, hiker, trekker, camper, student, off-duty responder and traveler. We were successful in combining these tactical/practical concepts in all our kits, from bug bites and papercuts, to severe lacerations requiring hemostats and direct pressure. 

Our kits will evolve and we'll grow our offerings based on our customer's feedback, keeping them practical yet on par with professional applications. Please feel free to send us any questions regarding our kits/systems. 

Just a note to our perspective customers: We source boxes from a local market. Three reasons: 1. They save us money. 2. It allows us to ship kits free. And most importantly for the customer 3. Are you more likely to have a box stolen off your porch that says Active Carry Technologies, or one that says "Belvita Crackers"?

If you are an agency, municipality, or campus security with specific needs, please enquire as we specialize in development of new offerings based on agency requirements.

Thank you for considering us and we look forward to being "attached to the waist"!

*All kits are assembled by hand in the USA!

Active Carry Technologies