With the purchase of every Active Carry Technologies kit(s), the purchaser/end user understands and acknowledges the following:

There are items/contents inside all Active Carry kits that may represent a choking hazard to young children and should not be left in an unsupervised area. The contents are not toys.

The standard Active Carry "Ouch-Pouch"  contains steel tweezers, Derma-safe folding safety blade, and first aid contents (ibuprofen, antihistamine, anti-diarrheal, ointments), items that may present a hazard to children under the age of 14 not surpervised. Tweezers and Derma-safe blade may be confiscated in carry-on luggage by DHS/TSA, traveler/kit owner acknowledges this is carried on at their own risk.

Some items included in the kits require a degree of advanced first-aid training or knowledge, buyer/acknowledges this with purchase.

Quikclot is a hemostatic agent/product for external use only.

Active Carry Technologies LLC is in no way liable or responsible for misuse of ANY contents of the the kits that result in injury or death. Any use of items applied in a first aid/response situation are done so by the purchaser's/carrier's own discretion. Active Carry Technologies assumes no responsibilities or liability concerned with outcomes in trauma or triage situations.

Active Carry Technologies LLC