img-20190923-120037-385.jpgpj.jpgQ- What's in the Active Carry "Ouch Pouch"?

A- It contains lots of the typical things (adhesive strips, ointment, wipes, etc.) you would find with that name. We decided to step it up with two useful, critical items:

A steel pair of 3" tweezers, and a Derma-Safe utility blade. Out in the great outdoors or doing chore in the house, small tasks can become challenging without the right tools. Tweezers for removing small, loose or imbedded debris to relieve discomfort, and a small yet incredibly sharp blade to score a line, cut cord, lance a blister, open a package, or even dry shave in the field. An amazing amount of utility in two items that add almost no weight to your kit!

 Update!  We just added 2 new items! Every Active Carry "Ouch Pouch" now comes standard with Katadyn water purification tabs AND Medi-Lite hydration tabs! There nothing out there with this kind utility and practical use on the market in 2"x3" pouch!



Q- What do you mean by "Weight and Real Estate"?

A- This is a concept from the military and tactical world we thought was applicable. Weather you're planning a trip, a short hike, or several days of camping, you've been doing this without thinking about it. "How heavy is it?", "Will that fit in the car?", "Does that fit in my pack?", "Do I really need that?" using this concept, we've delivered the lightest, most compact individual/multi-casualty kits available. That's why agencies come to us, and Active Carry easily integrates into your outdoor and responder systems.

Q- I want to buy a kit, but I want a specific carrier for delivery, can I do that?

A- Yes. If you have preference between UPS, FedEx, or USPS, PLEASE make note of that when checking out. All kits will be shipped out using standard ground shipping. We wanted to make it easy implementing a flat rate which in most cases equate to a small discount. If you do not specify, your kit(s) will likely go out via UPS or FedEx, followed by an email with tracking info.

Q- What do mean by "tactical" kits?

A- We have had the opportunity to work directly with state and federal agencies, developing kits that are immediately deployable for a responders's theatre. Our tactical line reflects our "Weight and Real Estate" and "Layers of Redundancy" concepts to the max, and puts the tools and mindset of a responder in your hands. These kits along with the expansion of your own responder knowledge-base are critical to an outdoor lifestyle. Put them in your hands today!

Q- What brands do you use?

A- The brands we decided to use fit the pouches, but also our methodology. We wanted to use brands professionals were familiar with, but keep ease of use, utility, and cost in mind without sacrificing integrity or your capabilities to take action. Along with "Weight and Real Esate",  we believe in "Layers of Redundancy". Having multiple items for the same purpose, but useful in others is a key when the chips are down. Below is a list brands we use but aren't limited:



H&H Medical







Carabiner Brand EMT Shears 


First Aid Only




Q-Why the SWAT-T tourniquet?

A-We decided when we started that we we would stick to some principles we thought were important. This tourniquet has more utility and uses than some of the "tactical" iterations, as well as helped us control price. Because of its intuitive nature and the ability to accommodate casualties of all body types, it was an easy choice. We would never discourage you from augmenting your system with a specific type or brand, we just found this option was useful for those in the outdoors, securing bandages and dress I g for people and body part sizes.