New! Duty XL Kit Limited Run!

We're always looking to refine our gear and bring you the best solutions that Stop The Bleed.  We're dropping a limited run of kits, The Duty XL. A slightly larger pouch that is simpler, yet provides more #wearable options. Great molle installation on the back that allows for easy belt carry, as well as to the upper part of the plate carrier. It comes with a standard of Safeguard products: Celox Hemostatic Gauze, Russell chest seal, Battle Badages and Wrap. We've posted a glossary of Safeguard Products. All items are vacuum sealed. The kicker of this kit is The Scorpion Soft Shell Mag Holder/TQ sheath! This mag holder is a top noth piece of gear with an excellent molle locking system to secure the TMT (Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet). Its form factor is amazing! The real esate #s: 5" x 3.5" x 1.5". Drainage holes in the bottom, elastic bands to tighten/secure, polymer skeleton. Theres nothing else out there like it! Check it out today!