New Partnership! Public Square!

Posted by Active Carry Technologies/The Texas Horn on Sep 9th 2022

New Partnership! Public Square!

An excerpt about the CEO, Michael Seifert and the concept his interview from The Texas Horn

Q: Jackson:

What is Public Sq?

A: Michael: 

We are an app and a website that is focused on connecting what we call “freedom loving Americans” in their local communities. We connect them with two, really three, things: first, like-minded communities in their local area. We give them an ability to connect with those around them who share their values, and a sense of a free environment. The second thing that we connect these freedom-loving Americans with is reliable information about their local communities. The final thing is the most important thing that we do, we connect them with the businesses that share their values. These are conservative, patriotic, freedom-loving businesses that have indicated that they agree with a set of values. And we basically expose them, whether that’s coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, electricians, or plumbers, to this group of consumers that are ideologically aligned and ready to vote with their dollars.