Surgical Cric

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Surgical Cric

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Trying to keep it short but informational today. We're not going to go into great detail about how to do this intervention. This is a serious intervention and must only be completed by COMPETENT, TRAINED medical professionals.

If this is something you want to learn, do everyone a favor and go to school for it. There's alot of skills needed before anyone should worry about having to do this, but as always you must be familiar with what the procedure is. Formal training to be a medic, or doctor or critical care RN. Be weary of any class that claims to train a civilian HOW to do an intervention such as this.

If your a medic make sure this is within your scope of practice.

We can not stress enough, that early recognition of the need for a surgical cric is key. The longer the patient goes without oxygen the worse the out come will be. But make sure there is not different intervention that can be completed.

Have you ever attempted or completed a cric? Tell us about your expierence. What does your agency do to train this skill?

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