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SWAT Team Re-Load

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20230327-130759.jpgThe SWAT Team Re-Load is a barebones, door-kicker replacement system for immediate response for a "man down" situation. Fundamentals are covered wiith several items geared to stop a serious hemorrhage, chest would, and general laceration. This is a also a perfect item for go-bags, EDC packs and pouches, or building up a critical response platform for offices, schools, desk drawers ETC.  All contents come vacuum sealed as pictured.

Vacuum sealed contents:

1x Celox Rapid Ribbon 5’ x 1" Z-Fold

1x Battle Bandage by Safeguard: Battle Bandage® delivers the benefits of a transparent, high-performance compression wrap with the added convenience and efficacy of a sterile 8” x 8” cotton gauze pad. This high-performance compression dressing is self-adhesive and is the lowest cube tactical packaging available.The transparent design allows for rapid reassessment. Battle Bandage® is constructed with a medical grade adhesive that is non-irritating and leaves no residue on the skin.

1x Battle Wrap by Safeguard: Battle Wrap® is a high-performance compression wrap for use as an adjunct in hemorrhage control. It is transparent to allow full visualization and rapid reassessment of underlying wounds. Battle Wrap is strong and exceeds the holding power of traditional compression wraps and does not shred or delaminate in the most challenging environments. The medical grade adhesive is self –adhering, non-irritating and leaves no residue on the skin.

1x McKesson Ab-Pad 5''x 9" sterile

1x Mylar emergency blanket

1x vinyl non latex gloves (L)


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