The Paradigm

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The Paradigm is casualty response system housed in a full sized EMT pouch that is molle compatible, and rip-away capable. It contains a full compliment of trauma/severe bleed injuries. All items are "Stop The Bleed" program compliant. It is a perfect companion for family vehicles, homes, RVs, hunting load-outs, etc.

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1x EMT full size pouch (molle/rip-away)

1x ACT PVC patch 

1x Quikclot Combat 3"x 4 yds. Hemostatic gauze 

1x Permanent marker

2x Pair of gloves

1x C-A-T® tourniquet

1x Emergency bandage

1x Dynarex bleed stopper dressing 

1x Nasopharangeal tube 28R 

1x Burn gel 4x4 dressing

1x Pair of trauma shears, 7.5”

2x Rolls of compressed gauze dressing

1x pack of H*Vent Chest seals  (2/pk)

1x Mylar emergency trauma blanket


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