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The Spartan

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In a collaboration with Professional Responders and Safeguard Medical , we introduce The Spartan. True to its name, this kit is pure Responder I.Q.! Built off our best selling Ranger pouch/platform, were coming correct and not killing your wallet. No corners cut, layers of redundancy you come to expect from Active Carry. This build leaves space for your own ancillary products/medications/tooling required for your life. Ideal for vehicles, hiking, trekking, tactical renditions, dormitory living, range bag/system.

*This product/system does NOT contain weapons, ammunition, or explosives of kind. 

EMT Rip Away 600D pouch full size

1x Active Carry PVC patch

1x patriotic patch

1x Combat Medical or CAT GEN 7 combat tourniquet 

1x Combat Medical Battle Bandage Battle Bandage® delivers the benefits of a transparent, high-performance compression wrap with the added convenience and efficacy of a sterile 8” x 8” cotton gauze pad.  This high-performance compression dressing is self-adhesive and is the lowest cube tactical packaging available.

1x Combat Medical Battle Wrap Battle Wrap® is a high-performance compression wrap for use as an adjunct in hemorrhage control. It is transparent to allow full visualization and rapid reassessment of underlying wounds. Battle Wrap is strong and exceeds the holding power of traditional compression wraps and does not shred or delaminate in the most challenging environments. The medical grade adhesive is self –adhering, non-irritating and leaves no residue on the skin.

1x compressed rolled gauze  4.5” x 4.1 yards 

1x Safeguard 4" Emergency Bandage (Israeli)

1x Sentinel chest seal

1x EMT shears 

1x Burn-FIX 4X4 burn dressing

1x Sal Jet saline bullet 

1x Redi-Tape flat fold duct tape

2x nitrile gloves

1x Active Carry "Ouch Pouch"

1x Mylar emergency blanket

1x Sharpie fine point black 

*Assembled by Active Carry in the USA!




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1 Review

Natalie Diaz May 23rd 2022

Quality Kit

Couldn’t be any happier with my Active carry technologies spartan kit. With everything going on lately it is a “MUST” to always carry my kit around. I am extremely happy with the products I received. Thank you for taking care of me and staying in touch for any questions or concerns I had!

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