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Active Carry/Safeguard Med Pak #1

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NEW! Our design, your choice! Our partnership with Safeguard Medical and their superior/premium American-Made medical supplies and devices has allowed us to enter a new phase of kit building. We are offering these products bundled and vacuum packed for those that are looking safely stockpile lifesaving medical supplies by adding additional lifespan; as well as supply those that may have pouches/rigs and storage they trust, and need to replenish their responder EDC.

Vacuum sealed content:

1x TMT Combat Tourniquet

1x Tourniquet (TQ) RAM force multiplier accessory: The TQ-RAM attaches to the TMT tourniquet carriage plate and can be used over a packed wound, applying additional downward pressure to assist in controlling life threatening hemorrhaging.

1x Battle Bandage: Battle Bandage® delivers the benefits of a transparent, high-performance compression wrap with the added convenience and efficacy of a sterile 8” x 8” cotton gauze pad.  This high-performance compression dressing is self-adhesive and is the lowest cube tactical packaging available.

1x Battle Wrap: Battle Wrap® is a high-performance compression wrap for use as an adjunct in hemorrhage control. It is transparent to allow full visualization and rapid reassessment of underlying wounds. Battle Wrap is strong and exceeds the holding power of traditional compression wraps and does not shred or delaminate in the most challenging environments. The medical grade adhesive is self –adhering, non-irritating and leaves no residue on the skin.

1x Safeguard rolled gauze (or equivalent)

1x Sentinel chest seal 

1x Safeguard nasal airway 28fr

1x Redi-Tape flat fold duct tape

1x gloves large 

1x EMT shears 

1x Sharpie permanent marker

1x TCCC Combat Casualty card

Celox Rapid option

The fastest acting hemostatic gauze, that stops severe arterial bleeding with only 60 seconds compression.

  • Works with just 60 seconds compression
  • Stops severe bleeding – fast
  • Rapid action reduces blood loss
  • Stops hypothermic bleeding as found in severe traumatic injuries.
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Celox Rapid

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