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Active Carry/Safeguard Med Pak K-9

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The K-9 Re-Load Kit come vacuum sealed like 1, 2, and 3; compact lightweight, and ready to deploy. Unlike other kits that pay lip service to "working dog" injuries, weve included The Slishman Pressure Wrap/Tourniquet to truly accomodate our canine partners. We've included videos below by Dr. Slishman himself that demonstrate its flexibilty, intuitive nature, and the most important feature; the ability to achieve occlussion where other combat/windlass-driven tourniquets CANNOT on small limbs! Our kit beat competitors and was co-designed with West Jordan PD in Utah, where they unfotunately lost one of their K-9 officers last year (2022) in pursuit of a suspect.

*all contents vacuum packed

1x Slishman Pressure Wrap/Tourniquet 

The Slishman Pressure Wrap (SPW) is a highly versatile tool designed primarily for use as a pressure dressing. The lightweight black or orange elastic wrap includes a red slip sleeve forming a lasso that is easy to cinch and allows for application around an injured limb.

1x Safeguard Battle Wrap: 

The Battle Wrap® is a clear, non-slip, tear resistant, tactical compression wrap that allows visualization of bleeding, while providing circumferential pressure to the wound. Battle Wrap is extremely strong, self-adhering and ultra-thin; when used in conjunction with a hemostatic it can amplify a pressure dressing application.

1x McKesson 5"x 9" ABD pad (sterile)

1x Mylar emergency blanket

Quikclot EMS option:

QuikClot EMS Rolled Gauze is a sterile, soft white 3 in. x 4 ft. nonwoven hemostatic gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inorganic mineral that activates Factor XII,1 which in turn accelerates the body's natural clotting ability.

Custom K9 patch PVC option (pictured) +$5

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K9 Patch

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