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Bolt Trauma Kit

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The Bolt is our original design tactical/practical concept pouch that is an amazing vessel for the best emergency/tactical response to injuries no matter the place! Simple double elastic band internals with pockets behind, engineered for retention when worn on pack/plate carrier. And its most outstanding feature is its pocketing on the exterior! The front flap can be tucked into the large flat-front pocket, while several items can be kept on the exterior in two cylindrical pouches (flaslights, extra tourniquets, knives, etc.) With another row of molle to boot! It's "cube" format makes it exceedingly low key, yet the capabilities are pure tactician! A simple yet robust molle backing/straps make this the cleanest pouch on the market..and now powered by American-made Combat Medical components, theres not a better responder kit available! Lifesavers listed below.


1x 500D Cordura brand polyester/nylon

1x Safeguard TMT or CAT Combat tourniquet

1x Sentinel chest seal 

1x Celox Rapid Ribbon 

1x Combat Medical Battle Bandage 

1x Combat Medical Battle Wrap

1x Rolled gauze

1x Abdominal Pad 5"x 9" sterile

1x pack Redi-Tape flat fold duct tape 

1x Nasopharageal hose 28r

1x Active Carry "Ouch-Pouch" (band-aids, ointments, OTC meds, tweezers, wound closures, and more)

1x Diagnostic penlight

1x emergency Mylar blanket 

1x gloves L

1x Sharpie marker 

*All Combat Medical items listed made in the USA!


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