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The Ranger leads the way! We're including things nobody else does, but what you need for every situation! We're the only brand on the market that includes WaterJel Tactical burn gel, Petzl headlamp, 2 H&H compression bandages, CELOX Rapid or Quikclot hemostaic gauze and eye protection standard issue! This kit defines Tactical/Practical!

*This product/system does NOT contain weapons, ammunition, or explosives of kind.

Tourniquet holster now included!

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UPGRADES for 2022:

NEW! Slishman Pressure Wrap

NEW! Burnshiel Mini Burn Go-Kit



1x cordura nylon EMT pouch 8"x 6"x "3.5 w/ ACT Logo PVC Patch

Active Carry Ouch-Pouch (full contents: 1 pack antihistamine, ibuprofen, antidiaharreal, 1Derma-safe blade, 1-3 1/2 in. steel tweezers, 4 Curad or Band Aid adhesive strips, 2 antiseptic wipes, 2 alcohol wipes, 1 triple antibiotic, 1 Burn Cream, 1 hydrocortisone anti-itch), 1x smelling salt ammonia pad

1x Celox Rapid OR Quikclot 3"x 5" Z-fold Hemostatic gauze

1x Burnshield Burn Mini Go Kit (sealed)

1x penlight/field diagnostics light (AAA batteries INCLUDED)

2x nitrile gloves 

1x Slishman Pressure Wrap

1x 1oz Saljet saline wash

1 NPH airway, 28r

1x Hyfin chest seal twin-pack (vented)

1x H&H Thin H flat-folded 8"x 10" Combat Dressing ABD Pad

1x 4"x 6" compression bandage 

1x EMT Shears 

1x Sharpie brand marker, fine point 

1x CAT GEN 7 or SOF-T GEN 4 combat tourniquet

1x tactical tourniquet holster (molle compatible)

4x nosebleed plugs organic cotton

1x Emergency blanket (84in.x54in.)

1x Protective eyewear

1x Protect Life N95 Particulate Respirator Mask

1x combat tape roll

 USA made!



  • 5
    2 years later - LOVE IT

    Posted by TS on Oct 26th 2021

    I bought this kit 2 years ago (see my original review) for this to be my vehicle/backpack kit. I've replaced the TQ with North American CAT, since that's what I've trained with and added a splint (PrePMedic's recommendation). Fortunately, since then I've only used boo-boo pouch and recently - saline. Contacted ACT to get refills and William was super responsive and worked with me on what I wanted in terms of refills - got package from them a couple of days later and it had everything I asked for plus some extra stuff. Now, i'm just trying to find a reason to buy another kit. seriously.

  • 5
    The Ranger

    Posted by George Kollitides on Jan 7th 2021

    I searched far and wide to find a product this comprehensive with quality materials The founder, Bill is easily approachable and happy to discuss his products and his customer service is second to none. I highly recommend this for those looking for a med kit for gunshot or other puncture wounds.

  • 5
    Happy with purchase!

    Posted by Christian on Jul 30th 2020

    I recently picked this med pack up. Everything came in it as promised and was very well organized. High quality. Super convenient. Added to my bug out bag. Cheers.

  • 5
    Red Ranger - Best kit available

    Posted by Charlie Cole on Jul 22nd 2020

    I don't usually write reviews but I'll make an exception for this one. Shout out to Prep Medic from YouTube. Without his in-depth kit reviews, I never would have found ACT. It was the "ouch pouch" that got my attention. I have spent a while looking at trauma/first aid kits and this is the only one that I've found that has enough equipment to save a life without the fluff of other kits. Took me a week to decide on the ranger for my first trauma kit. The value of this kit can't be beaten. I did swap a couple of components out as well as add a couple. If you're on the fence between this and another kit pick this one. It really is the best. Bill was even willing to take time out on a Sunday to help me figure out the differences between a couple of kits and get the coupon code to work. Not only that he also kept his word and shipped it out within the timeframe he specified. Best kit and fantastic service. Thanks for all you do Bill and for the extra patches as well.

  • 5
    My review is a five-star rating because the Ranger contains everything you could need when being prepared for "mud hitting the fan>"

    Posted by Hunter Teets on Dec 4th 2019

    The variety of products from the nosebleed plugs to major hemorrhage items make it a perfect resource to have with you at all times. I recommend this product super highly!

  • 5
    great kit - vehicle/backpack

    Posted by TS on Dec 2nd 2019

    This is a great kit - after researching for about a month and watching different reviews, I bought this for my Jeep. Since it's a rip-away pouch, i can move it quickly from Jeep to my backpack if I'm going on a hike - I separately bought a condor pouch and attached the velcro base to it.. In terms of components - you can't beat the price of the package. I did replace the TQ with a CAT, since that's what I'm training with, and I added a SAM splint (took some persuasion, but it worked). Overall, love it.