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The Ranger Kit

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2023 New Ranger Kit! We have re-engineered the most comprehensive emergency/outdoor medical kit on the market! Partnering with Combat Medical, this kit is filled with the best medical supplies/devices MADE IN THE USA! We are committed to using American made components free of faulty design and unknown, dangerous contamination. We're not kidding when it comes to saving lives!


1x EMT Rip-Away Pouch (full size)
1x CAT or TMT Combat tourniquet
1x Celox Rapid Hemostatic Gauze 3"x 5ft
1x Sentinel chest seal
1x Combat Medical Battle Bandage 4.5” x 1.5” package (Integrated, sterile 8” x 8” cotton gauze pad absorbs up to a liter of fluid)
1x Combat Medical Battle Wrap; package: 4.5”x 1”Useable: 6′ x 4″
1x Combat Medical Rolled Gauze 4.1yds x 4.5"
1x Combat Medical Nasal Airway Lubed 28 Fr

1x Slishman Pressure Wrap

1x Olaes Modular 4" flat-fold compression bandage
1x AMD sterile abdominal pad 5"x 9"
1x Waterjel burn-gel infused 4"x 4"
1x 3pack wound closures
1x EMT shears
1x Redi-Tape flat fold duct tape
1x Saljet 1oz sterile saline solution bullet
1x surgical non latex gloves


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6 Reviews

TS Oct 26th 2021

2 years later - LOVE IT

I bought this kit 2 years ago (see my original review) for this to be my vehicle/backpack kit. I've replaced the TQ with North American CAT, since that's what I've trained with and added a splint (PrePMedic's recommendation). Fortunately, since then I've only used boo-boo pouch and recently - saline. Contacted ACT to get refills and William was super responsive and worked with me on what I wanted in terms of refills - got package from them a couple of days later and it had everything I asked for plus some extra stuff. Now, i'm just trying to find a reason to buy another kit. seriously.

George Kollitides Jan 7th 2021

The Ranger

I searched far and wide to find a product this comprehensive with quality materials The founder, Bill is easily approachable and happy to discuss his products and his customer service is second to none. I highly recommend this for those looking for a med kit for gunshot or other puncture wounds.

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