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Welcome to Kit Customizer! After choosing your pouch color(all colors pictured) please choose your option for your responder options to round out your kit. Bundles are described below, after examining the bundles, choose one to round out your build. Prices will automatically change in line your choice. All kits will be built and ready to deploy upon arrival! Build it now! 

Base pouch=ACT Breacher: Cordura, YKK zippers, Dimensions 9.4" x 2"x 6.7"

Bundle Descriptions/Prices

Stop The Bleed Level 1: +$125


1x C-A-T® tourniquet

1x NAR Emergency compression bandage

1x Quikclot EMS 3"x 4ft hemostatic gauze 

1x EMT trauma shears

2x rolls of compressed gauze dressing

2x nitrile gloves 

1x Sharpie permanent marker 

1x Emergency/Trauma blanket 

1x TCCC Casualty Card

Stop The Bleed Level 2: +$175


1x C-A-T® tourniquet

1x Quikclot Combat 3"x 4 yds hemostatic gauze 

2x H&H H-Vent Chest Seals

1x NAR Emergency bandage

1x EMT shears

 2x nitrile gloves

1x Emergency/Trauma blanket 

1x Sharpie permanent marker 

1x TCCC Casualty Card


IFAK-X (SAM-XT Tourniquet/HemCon PRO) +$160


IFAK-X Basic includes:

SAM® XT extremity tourniquet, black

1x Gauze dressing, ChitoGauze® XR PRO

1x pair gloves, latex-free, large

1x Emergency trauma dressing, 4” x 70”

1x Pack Curaplex® T.O.C.S.: Tactical Occlusive Chest Seal, Non-Vented

1x EMT shears 

1x compressed/wound packing gauze

1x Sharpie permanent marker 

1x Casualty Care card


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Stop The Bleed Level 1
Stop The Bleed Level 2
IFAK-X (SAM XT Tourniquet)
Petzl Headlamp (+35)

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