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img-20201105-173102-993.jpgThe Breacher Lite is high speed/low drag! We've curated this kit to maximize bleed stoppage, burn remediation, while allowing for personal touches like extra mags or compact sidearms when appropriated as a plate carrier companion. The Breacher pouch is Cordura brand material and YKK zips. We've allowed for you to choose  hemostatic gauze as well as illumination!

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Breacher pouch/Genuine Cordura material/YKK zips


 1x CAT GEN 7 combat tourniquet

1x 4" compression bandage

1x 4.5″ x 4 yards when stretched  [6-Ply White 100% Cotton , Sterile Z FOLDED] 

1x H&H chest seal twin pack (4 Vent System that prevents airflow into the chest with 1 vent channel that allows air/ fluids to release when needed.)

1x Dynarex "Dynastopper" multi-purpose wound and trauma dressing (9"x 5.5" open)

1x Curaplex Nasopharangeal airway trumpet 28fr

1x Burnshield 4"x 4" burn dressing/gauze

1x emergency/trauma blanket 

1x EMT shears (milled, serrated)

1x Saljet 1 oz. saline bullet/vial

1x CPR one-way keychain barrier

 Quikclot option: 

With QuikClot® products, EMS personnel have the power to stop bleeding fast, keeping patients alive until they can be transported to the hospital or a trauma center.

QuikClot® products are safe, containing no animal or human proteins, and are easy to use.

Dimensions: One Gauze Strip: 3" x 48" (7.6cm x 1.22m)

Petzl Headlamp option: 250 lumens of brightness and up to 120 hours of battery life. The single-button design allows you to easily switch between low, medium and high light levels. It’s designed with our HYBRID CONCEPT, meaning it’s compatible with both AAA batteries and the CORE rechargeable battery (sold separately). It features a removable headband and it’s compatible with Petzl mounting accessories.

*All developed and built in the USA