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Duty Tactical V.2

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New pouch, updated build.  We worked closely with Alan Carpenter of Lonestar Training (SWAT/LEO in Utah) and Erik of Alpha Omega Kydex on finding the right pouch for duty and "battle-belts". the combination of weight and real estate are critical in any application, along with fundamental bleeding control associated lacerations and GSW's (gun shot wounds). This is a must-have on any tactical belt or rig.


1x Combat Medical TMT or NAR CAT Tourniquet (you choose) 

1x Universal tourniquet sheath (molle compatible)

1x NAR 4" Mini-Responder ETD bandage

1x Safeguard Battle Wrap

1x Sentinel Chest Seal

1x McKesson 5"x 9" Ab-Pad sterile

1x Mylar emergency blanket

Celox Ribbon Option: Celox Rapid Ribbon brings all the benefits of Celox Rapid Gauze in a 1 inch strip. The low profile pack means Celox Rapid Ribbon is easily concealed and the reduced size makes it ideal for treating narrow entry wounds such as bullet, blast fragment and stab injuries.

  • Works with just 60 seconds compression.
  • Stops severe bleeding – fast.
  • Rapid action reduces blood loss.9
  • Stops hypothermic bleeding4 as found in severe traumatic injuries.
  • Minimal everyday carry size.


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