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Bundled best sellers! We decided to put our best sellers together in big move for our customers looking an option that covered multiple kit placements: Vehicles, Home, Vacation Destinations/Homes, Dorms, Office environments. Putting our best selling kits at a discounted price to take the over-thinking out of the equation! All Kits ate sold individually and contents can be researched by using each kit name in the search bar!

*This product/system does NOT contain weapons, ammunition, or explosives of kind.

Watch how-to videos below!

1x Duty kit

1x Duty Tactical

1x BORTAC kit

1x Ranger kit

*Please indicate color variants in the notes when checking out:


BORTAC-Coyote brown



Duty Tactical-OD Green

We will meet requests as best to our custom capabilities. Please allow 5 extra working days for shipping. We will always ship via USPS Priority Shipping! 

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1 Review

Shane London Jul 23rd 2020

Ranger, The Duty-Tacital and Original, Bortac

I've carried many first aid product lines since 2009, Nothing compares the the first rate products inside the kits, and the dedication and concern for supplying you the very best by Bill Kirk..... FIRST RATE ALL THE WAY!! I'M PROUD TO OFFER, USE AND SUPPLY MY CUSTOMERS WITH "ACT" PRODUCTS

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