The Ranger

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The Ranger leads the way! We're including things nobody else does, but what you need for every situation! We're the only brand on the market that includes WaterJel Tactical burn gel, Petzl headlamp, 3 H&H combat compression bandages, and eye protection standard issue! This kit defines Tactical/Practical!

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1x cordura nylon EMT pouch 8"x 6"x "3.5 w/ ACT Logo PVC Patch

Active Carry Ouch-Pouch (full contents: 1 pack antihistamine, ibuprofen, antidiaharreal, 1Derma-safe blade, 1-3 1/2 in. steel tweezers, 4 Curad or Band Aid adhesive strips, 2 antiseptic wipes, 2 alcohol wipes, 1 triple antibiotic, 1 Burn Cream, 1 hydrocortisone anti-itch)

2x Quikclot Bleeding Control Dressing rolled gauze 3"x4ft.

1x Tactical WaterJel burn-gel infused gauze 4x4

1x Petzl Tikkina headlamp (3 AAA batteries and warranty info included)

2x nitrile gloves 

1x Z-Pak sterile wound dressing (4 1/2"x 4yds)

1x 1oz Saljet saline wash

1 NPH airway, 28r

1x Hyfin chest seal twin-pack or HALO twin pack

1x H&H Thin H flat-folded 4"x7.5" Combat Dressing ABD Pad

1x H&H 8"x10" Combat Dressing ABD Pad

1x H&H 4"x6" compression bandage 

1x Dukal 4"x 5 YDS self closure elastic bandage 

1x Carabiner Brand EMT Shears 

1x Sharpie brand marker, fine point 

1x SWAT-T tourniquet 

4x nosebleed plugs organic cotton

1x Stansport Polar shield emergency blanket (84in.x54in.)

1x Jorestech Protective eyewear

1x Protect Life N95 Particulate Respirator Mask

1x combat tape roll


USA made!