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Blazer Field Kit

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The Blazer is a terrific home and travel system at a TREMENDOUS VALUE! Designed with both the outdoor excursions as well as an everyday fixture in a vehicle, contents in this build are phenomenal! Bleeding control combined with practical remedies that benefit both teens and adults. Range time, camp time, trek time, its all here saving the day! Not to mention it weighs almost nothing while maintaining to benefits of full zip opening, rip away Velcro and molle attachments!

*This product/system does NOT contain weapons, ammunition, or explosives of kind.

NEW Contents:

1x EMT Rip-Away Molle compatible pouch 7.0" h x 4.0" W x 3.0" D

1x CAT or TMT Combat tourniquet

1x Sentinel chest seal

1x Combat Medical Battle Bandage 4.5” x 1.5” package (Integrated, sterile 8” x 8” cotton gauze pad absorbs up to a liter of fluid)

1x Combat Medical Battle Wrap; package: 4.5”x 1”Useable: 6′ x 4″

1x Combat Medical Rolled Gauze 4.1yds x 4.5"

1x Combat Medical Nasal Airway Lubed 28 Fr

1x RediTape  flat folded duct tape

1x Slishman Pressure Wrap 

1x  AMD 5"X 9" sterile abdominal pad

1x ACT "Ouch Pouch" (band-aids, ointments, OTC meds, Derma-Safe razor, tweezers, burn gel, more)

1x vinyl gloves L

1x Mylar emergency blanket (warmth+shock)

1x 3M wound closures

1x Sharpie fine point marker

Celox Rapid Ribbon option: Celox Rapid Ribbon is a thin hemostatic "ribbon" impregnated with Chitosan. It is the first compact-carry minimal compression time gauze for narrow entry wounds. The 1" x 5' strip is easier to insert into the wound track.

Petzl Headlamp option: 250 lumens of brightness and up to 120 hours of battery life. The single-button design allows you to easily switch between low, medium and high light levels. It’s designed with our HYBRID CONCEPT, meaning it’s compatible with both AAA batteries and the CORE rechargeable battery (sold separately). It features a removable headband and it’s compatible with Petzl mounting accessories.

*All developed and built in the USA

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