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FURTHER..adding a Quikclot BCD pack to the mix! Add a pair of nitile gloves and combat med-tape to the mix just made you fully we say, #NOWWHAT? We want to give you option EVERY OPERATOR looks for out in the field, yet folds nicely onyo a belt, backpack, or anything with molle! Arrives ready for application, no assembly required!  You've never been bett prepared when you join The Active Carry Nation! 

*This product/system does NOT contain weapons, ammunition, or explosives of kind.

1x RECON Medical combat tourniquet 

1x Carabiner EMT shears 

1x tourniquet sheath cordura, molle attachment, vert/horizontal application

1x Quikclot Bleeding Control EMS, rolled, 3"x 4 feet

1x roll combat med-tape

1x nitrile gloves

1x Sharpie brand permanent fine tip (blk)

1x Active Carry PVC Patch